Choctaw Baptist Church

"Where there is no vision, the people perish...."
Proverbs 29:18

Pastor: Joseph Carroll (Idabel, Starting Church)

Thought for the Week:
Is anything too hard for God?

"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard
for me?"
Jeremiah 32:27

In our church we have several people who suffer from chronic health
conditions...some which you can see right away that they have health
issues, and others you would never know unless someone told you.  
Suffering is part of every day life whether you know the Lord or not...but
when we know Christ, we can go to Him and ask for help through the
suffering.  I know this personally and couldn't make it through if God
wasn't with me each and every moment of every day...but is there
anything to hard for God?

The answer is no...there is nothing too hard for God...but sometimes He
allows suffering in order to accomplish a greater goal.  The most perfect
example of this is Christ dying on the cross.  Jesus had to suffer, bleed
and die for our sins in order to make a way for mankind to get to heaven.  
Can God remove our suffering?  Yes He can if He chooses to, but we
should understand that sometimes the suffering won't be removed in this
lifetime and choose to allow the grace of God to shine through us instead.

"And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a
city of Galilee, named Nazareth, to a virgin espoused to a man
whose name was Joseph, of the house of David, and the virgin's
name was Mary."
Luke 1:26-27

Christmas Fireman

In a small Southern town there was a "Nativity Scene" that
showed   great skill and talent had gone into creating it. One
small feature  bothered me. The three wise men were wearing
firemen's helmets.  Totally unable to come up with a reason or
explanation, I left.

At a convenience store on the edge of town, I asked the lady
behind the counter about the helmets. She exploded into a
rage, yelling at me, "You Yankees never do read the Bible!" I
assured her that I did, but simply couldn't recall anything
about firemen in the Bible. She jerked her Bible from behind
the counter and ruffled through some pages, and finally
jabbed her finger at a passage. Sticking it in my face she said
"See, it says right here,  'The three wise man came from afar.'"